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Automatic Calculations for Product Dimensions

If you have a product which requires you to quote prices based on the area such as tiles, pipes or carpets, you can use TeamGram to perform those calculations for you.

Follow the steps to set automatic calculations for product dimensions:

To enable automatic calculations for product dimensions, go to Control panel > Feature settings  > Product Settings > Product Categories.

  • Click on Add new Category.
  • Enter the Product name, you need automatic dimensions calculations for.
  • Select ‘Use custom settings
  • Enter Measurement Unit
  • Select ‘Calculated’ in Entry Method
  • Click on Add new Variable to enter your dimensions such as length, width or height
  • Enter the quantity formula. Each variable you created will be given an identifier like “a”, “b”. Using these variables and basic mathematical operators quantities can be calculated. For example, let’s assume “a” is width and “b” is length. You can write “a*b” (width*length) to calculate the quantity.
  • Enter the Unit Price Formula. You can write “a*b” (width*length) to calculate the unit price.
  • Click Save.

Now create a New Product using this product category. To do so, go to Products from the left-hand side menu and click ‘New Product’. Select the category you just created (Example – Tiles) and create a new product under that category (Example – Ceramic Tiles) and click ‘Save’.

You will now have the dimensions you created earlier (Width and Length) in your Quote and can perform quick and error-free calculations.

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