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Convert Leads and Start Selling!


Actual selling only begins after a lead is qualified. Make sure you convert properly, so you can start managing the sales process.

Qualifying a lead means deciding that they are worth your sales team’s time. The real selling only begins after qualification. Before you can do that, you need to create some essential CRM records used in managing sales.

The process of producing these new records from a lead form is called lead conversion. During lead conversion, you will want to create some or all of the following records:

  • Company: If your lead is planning to buy on behalf of a business, you will want to have a separate company record for that business. If the company field of your lead form is already filled in, TeamGram will automatically create a new company record with that name during conversion. If company name is left blank, TeamGram will assume the lead is buying as a person (not on behalf of a company) and will not create a company record.
  • Contact: A contact record contains detailed information about a real person. Whether your lead is buying personally or on behalf of a business, there will always be information about a real person in your lead form, so TeamGram will always create a contact record during conversion. If a company record is also created as described above, TeamGram will automatically link this contact to that company, to indicate that this person is a contact in that company.
  • Deal: Lead conversion is usually a good time to create a deal as well, since you have just identified someone who is a probable buyer. That will immediately put this deal in the sales pipeline, so it will not be overlooked by the sales team. If you are convinced that the lead is qualified, but can’t identify a deal yet, you may decide not to create a deal during lead conversion. In that case, make sure the sales team does not forget to contact this contact to identify potential deals.
Whenever possible, create deals during lead conversion.

Converting a lead without creating a deal is dangerous. The qualifying team is done with a converted lead, but the sales team may be focused only on their sales pipeline. They may not even notice that a new lead is converted, if there is no new deal associated with it in the pipeline.

If you are an administrator, consider enforcing deal creation during conversion.


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