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List, Review and Qualify Your Leads


During the qualification process, you will be collecting information about your lead to see if they meet your criteria. When you reach a decision, you will mark your lead as qualified or unqualified. If your lead is qualified, you will convert it to a contact, a company, and possibly a deal.

Listing Leads

Go to the leads section of TeamGram to list your leads. You can use one of the built-in lists, or define your own selection criteria and save it as a new list. Either way, the list view displays all leads that match your criteria. Note that depending how your system administrator set-up access rights, you may not be authorized to view all leads.

Leads are color-coded to show their current states:

  • New (Blue): The review process has not started for these leads.
  • Qualifying (Yellow): The review process has started for these leads, but no decision has been reached yet.
  • Qualified (Green): The qualification process has been completed and these leads have met the qualification criteria.
  • Disqualified (Red): The qualification process has been completed and these leads have failed to meet the qualification criteria.

Displaying Lead Details

Clicking on a lead in a lead list will show more details about it.

  • Lead’s name position and company: Basic data about the lead.
  • Rating: This is a relative quality score entered by the reviewer.
  • Status: The current status (New/Qualifying/Qualified/Disqualified) of this lead.

The tabs below the lead provide access to additional information. Here are the most frequently used ones:

Info Tab

This section shows all remaining information captured by lead fields, including any custom fields. These include:

  • Source: Shows how this lead was generated. More information about lead sources is available here.
  • Contact information: Emails and phone numbers of the lead. You will need this information to reach this lead,
  • External links: Website and social network links. When these are not available, TeamGram provides search links or makes suggestions whenever possible.
  • Details: Other information about the lead. Reviewers may want to use this section to explain the rationale for their qualification decision.

Note that fields that do not contain any data will not be displayed while in view mode.

Notes Tab

This section lists all notes added to this lead. You can add notes of your research, or calls/meetings with them.

Activities Tab

This section lists all scheduled activities about a lead. The most common scheduled activities for leads are call activities. If you call a lead to qualify them but can’t reach them, schedule a call for the next day, and TeamGram will remind you to do that.

Sending an Email to a Lead

If you can’t reach a lead by phone, you may want to send them an email asking to call you, or ask them for a good time to call.

TeamGram’s email templates make this easy: If your system administrator has saved a template for this purpose, you can click on the email template at the upper right corner of the screen, select the template (or write one from scratch) and send it without having to switch to your mail client and copying email addresses.

TeamGram has multiple options to send and receive your emails. Your administrator may need to configure TeamGram before some of these capabilities are fully enabled.

Editing a Lead and Changing its Qualification Status

You can easily change the status of a lead by clicking on it in the list, clicking on the pencil icon next to its status, and selecting its new status.

To edit other details and enter further details, you must click on the edit button near the top of the page. Make your changes and save.

Information You Must Update Before Qualifying a Lead

After you qualify a lead, you will be converting it to contact, company and deal records. For a proper conversion process, make sure your deal data is clean and updated. Since lead data can come from many different sources, and sometimes entered by the leads themselves in web forms, they may have typos, mistakes and missing information in them.

Before you complete the qualification, get the correct information and enter them into the lead form. Most importantly, make sure that:

  • The lead’s name is correct and properly capitalized
  • The company name is entered correctly
  • The phone numbers and emails are correct
  • Address is entered
  • Social media information (if available) is verified
  • The details field briefly explains why this lead is qualified and what opportunity is identified (if any).

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