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Store Paper Documents, Images and Other Files About Your Deals


You can store, retrieve and process scanned images and other files in TeamGram, seamlessly integrating them into your sales process.

The easiest way to store files is to attach them to a note. Alternatively, your system administrator can add a special field to certain forms where you can upload files.

Phone calls and face-to-face meetings are rarely enough to close complex deals. You may receive letters, brochures, specification files, drawings, hand-drawn sketches, photos, plans, written documents, and may be asked to provide other files or written documents. You will want capture all of these in TeamGram, as part of the history of your deal.

The easiest way to store files in your deal history is to write short notes about them, attach the files, and connect the notes to the related deals. Here is how you can do that:

Converting Paper Documents into PDF Files

Files of any type can be attached to TeamGram notes, but you will probably want to stick to some widely used formats to make sure your files remain viewable on all of your devices for the foreseeable future,

Adobe PDF is a widely used document format. Most computers and mobile devices can display the contents of a PDF file accurately, including graphical content like letterheads and signatures, even if the software used to create those documents is not installed on them. Whenever you need to store paper documents in TeamGram, your first step will be to scan them and save them in a universal format like Adobe PDF.

Most office scanners can store paper documents in PDF files. Alternatively, you can use mobile apps to create PDF files from your paper documents, using your mobile phone as a scanner. Adobe Acrobat’s iOS and Android versions both have scanning capabilities.

Writing a Note and Attaching Files

Composing a note with attachments is similar to writing a meeting or call note.

Compose a short note describing what your file contains. Before saving your note, click on the photos & files tab under the note. Drag & drop the files you want to attach into the attachments area. Save your note.

TeamGram’s search engine uses the note text for indexing. When you are saving file attachments, make sure the note body briefly describes what is in the attachments, so you can find the files easily when needed.

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