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Visualize and Update Your Deal Pipeline


The pipeline is a very useful visual tool that condenses all relevant information about ongoing deals and their next steps into a single page.

Depending on the options you select, the pipeline will visualize your deal flow in different ways. The column headings will always display the total number and amount of the deals in each column. Always have up-to-date stage, value, probability, and expected closing date information in your deals to make sure the pipeline view works well.

If you have next steps for your deals (highly recommended for all open deals), these will also be displayed with each deal.

Overall, the pipeline view is a great place to manage your deal flow. It provides a lot of relevant information about each deal at a glance and also shows your entire deal flow on one screen. You can make quick edits right inside the pipeline or click on any deal to get more details.

Organizing Your Pipeline

Column Options

This setting determines how your deals are grouped into separate columns

  • By Stages: In this view, each deal stage is displayed as a separate column. Your deals will be displayed in the columns that corresponds to their current stages.
  • By Probability: In this view, you can group your deals by probability. Using this deal, you can quickly view which deals are most likely to be won.
  • By Expected Closing Date: These views show your deals grouped into different time periods by expected closing date. Use it along with probabilities and expected amounts to estimate sales in any given future period.
Sorting Options

This setting determines how deals are sorted inside each column. Select the option that works best for you.

Drag-and-Drop Updates

Some column options allow you to drag-and-drop deals between columns to make quick changes, provided that you are authorized to edit them. For example, while displaying deals by stages, dragging a deal from one column to the other will update its stage.

You can also close deals quickly by dragging and dropping them to the colored drop zones at the bottom of the page.

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