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Write Notes About Meetings and Phone Calls

While working on deals, you will have various meetings, customer interactions. Writing notes about them and connecting them to related deals, as well as related companies and contacts is a good idea.

The notes tab under each deal shows all notes related to that deal. You can view this tab to view the latest developments on that deal and get yourself up-to-date on the whole history of a deal.

Writing a Note On The Deal Page

To add a note about a customer meeting or phone call, go to that deal’s page and use the Notes tab under it:

  • Find the deal by searching, or browsing for it in the Deals section, or going to the customer’s contact or company page, clicking on the deals tab and selecting the right deal.
  • Once the deal page is opened, click on the Notes tab under it.
  • Create a new note. This will automatically link your note with the deal, and the customer.

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