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Adding Custom Fields

You can add new fields to hold new types of information in TeamGram. Custom fields can be added to both built-in forms (contacts, companies, deals, etc.), and custom apps.

If you are publishing web forms (lead forms or custom apps), you can also decide whether you want your custom fields to be available in the web form or not.

  • To add a custom field to a built-in form, go to the control panel and select the settings for that record type (e.g., to add a custom field to contacts, go to Control Panel > Contact Settings > Custom Fields)
  • To add a field to a custom app, select your app from the left navigation bar, then click on Application Settings >¬†Continue button.

To add a field, click on the add new field link.

  • Enter the field name that will be displayed before the field.
  • Select the field type and enter type-specific options, if any.
  • Specify if this will be a required field. Required fields must be filled in before users can save the form.
  • Specify if this field will be visible in printed forms.
  • Specify if this field will be visible in web forms.
  • Save.
  • Repeat for each new field you want to add.

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