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Create Templates for Canned Emails

A canned email is an email with content copied from a template.

All your users need to do to send a canned email is to select the recipient (a lead, a contact or a company), hit the send email button, and select a template.

Some common use cases are follow-up and thank you emails. However, depending on the services you provide to your customers, there may be other relevant emails you want to prepare templates for. Templates make sending emails fast while ensuring that all customers receive the same consistent messaging from your company.

To create an email template and make it available to your coworkers:

  1. You will need to create different templates for leads, contacts and companies. To start creating a new template, go to the control panel and select Lead settings, Contact settings or Company settings, depending on the intended recipient of your template.
  2. Click on Email templates.
  3. Click on Add new template.
  4. Name your template. Template names are displayed in the menu while creating a new message, so try to find a short but descriptive name.
  5. Enter a subject line and message body. You will be able to modify these before sending. You can also insert the name of your contact into the email. Click on the special keywords link to see available options.
  6. To make your template available to all users, click on Company wide.
  7. Save your template.

You can create multiple templates for different purposes or languages.

You can also use header and footer images in your templates. If you decide to use this feature, try to keep your image sizes small, and make sure your emails look good in different screen sizes, including mobile devices.

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