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Define Reusable Text Blocks for Quotes and Orders

Many quotes and orders reuse similar text. Instead of writing them from scratch, you can save text blocks and insert them into opening or closing text areas as needed.

Should you save your text in a template or in a text block?

Some wording will be used in all quotes or orders created with a template. A brief introduction of your company at the beginning of the entry text is a good example. The place to save such text is inside the template.

On the other hand, terms like payment, shipping, warranty, and installation may change from one quote or order to the next. For these, it is better to have alternative text blocks and insert the appropriate one while creating a quote or order.

  • To create a text block, go to the control panel and select quote settings or order settings, depending on where the text block will be used.
  • Click on text blocks.
  • Click on add new text block.
  • Give a short but descriptive name to your text block.
    Example: Payment-30 days after delivery.
  • In the large text field below, enter the text that will be inserted int the quote or order when this option is selected.
  • Save.
  • Repeat for all text blocks you may need in documents of this type.
To learn how your users can save time with reusable text blocks, read this article.

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