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Define Your Lead Sources

Leads can come from different sources like your website form, email inquiries, trade shows, purchased industry lists and more. In order to make better marketing decisions, you will want to know how many qualified leads come from each source.

TeamGram can track the source of each lead, so you know which sources are performing better. To start tracking a lead source, you must first define it.

To define a lead source, go to Control panel > Lead settings > lead sources.

  • To change the order the sources are displayed in the combo box in the lead form, use the up/down arrows to their right.
  • To add a new source, click on add new source and write its name.
  • To delete a source, click on the wastebasket symbol to its right.
  • To rename an existing source, change its name in the input box.

If you rename existing lead sources, all existing leads from that source will also be updated to show the new source name.

Now your users can choose the new sources when creating new leads using the lead form. You can also connect web forms or mailboxes to your lead sources to automatically import new leads coming through those channels.

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