FreshBooks Integration

If you have a FreshBooks account, you may integrate it with TeamGram and save your TeamGram orders as invoices on FreshBooks.

Enabling Freshbooks integration

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Integrations > FreshBooks .
  • Click on the “Login for the FreshBooks integration” button and sign in to FreshBooks from the popup window.
  • The FreshBooks integration page on TeamGram will reload after you sign in to FreshBooks. The integration is active if the your token becomes visible.

Important: You need to authorize your departments and users on TeamGram if you’d like them to save invoices using this integration.

To authorize your users and departments on TeamGram;

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Departmant access controls.
  • First, select the department you want to authorize from the left pane.
  • Then, click on “Customer orders” section and check the “Can create invoices” box.
  • Save.

The users and departments with this authorization can save the fulfilled/completed customer orders as invoices on FreshBooks. Authorized users can also view the “FreshBooks” tab on company and contact pages, and see a list of invoices on FreshBooks related to that company/contact.

Seeing your customer’s balance on FreshBooks:

  • Go to the customer’s page (contact or company) on TeamGram.
  • Click on FreshBooks tab.
  • You may navigate to the customer’s page on FreshBooks by clicking on the “View on FreshBooks” button on the upper right corner.

Saving a customer order in TeamGram as an invoice on FreshBooks:

  • Navigate to the customer order you want to save as an invoice.
  • Change the status of the order to “Fulfilled”.
  • “Add to customer account” and “Save invoice” buttons become visible if a customer order is marked “Fulfilled”.
  • “Add to customer account” button will save the total amounts of this order to the customer’s account in TeamGram.
  • “Save invoice” button will create a new invoice on FreshBooks.
  • Click on “Save invoice” button and choose the client for the invoice.
  •  Select the currency for the invoice and ‘Continue’.
  • “Saved to invoices” link will become visible on the customer order page when you save it as an invoice on FreshBooks.
  •  You may display the invoice on FreshBooks by clicking the Saved to invoices” link.


If you change the status of a customer order saved to accounts and/or saved as an invoice on FreshBooks, the account and invoice records will be removed.

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