Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online tool that allows you to link different apps together to transfer data between them and automate workflows, using recipes called zaps.

When creating a zap, you will be asked to define a trigger in the originating app, and a series of actions to follow that trigger event in TeamGram.

The trigger events available depend on the originating app. The actions available in TeamGram are as follows:

  • Find customer
  • Find product
  • Create contact
  • Create company
  • Create lead
  • Create custom document
  • Create order
  • Create product

Using Zap Templates

Creating a New Zap

If the app you want to connect to TeamGram is not listed at, follow these instructions to create a new zap:

  • Make sure you are logged in to Zapier.
  • Go to
  • Enter the name of the app that will trigger the zap in the left search box and select it.
  • Enter TeamGram in the right search box and select it.
  • In the “When this happens” box, select the triggering event in the source app.
  • In the “then do this” box, select the action you want in TeamGram.
  • Follow instructions on the next screen. You may be asked to login to the source app and to TeamGram, and answer additional questions depending on the trigger and action selected.

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