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Customize Deal and Order Stages

Administrators can change the stages quotes and orders go through.

Read how deal stages and order stages are used before making any changes.

Note that deal stages are used to visualize the pipeline. Although you are allowed to have as many deal stages as you need, having about 4-6 different stages will probably make your pipeline more manageable.

Note that the order of stages is also important. Make sure the stages you set here are in a logical order.

Think through your sales cycle and identify the deal and order stages that work best for your business.

  • To make changes, first go to the appropriate settings page:
    • To change stages for deals, go to Control panel > Deal settings > Deal stages.
    • To change stages for orders, go to Control panel > Order settings > Order stages.
  • The following options are available to change the options for stages:
    • Use the add new stage option to create a new stage.
    • Rename an existing stage. This will put all items previously in the old stage to the newly named stage.
    • Delete an existing stage by clicking on the wastebasket symbol to its right. All items at this stage will no longer have a stage. You will be able to select a new stage for them later.
    • Reorder stages using the up/down arrows to their right. This doesn’t change any information in records but changes the ordering of stage options in forms, and the column order in the deal pipeline.

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