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Search & Find Your TeamGram Records

TeamGram has a built-in search engine that instantly indexes everything you store in it. To find a record, simply type the words you are looking for in the search box at the top.

TeamGram uses the wildly-used elasticsearch engine. Therefore you can use the search methodologies you use in all search engines, including Google.

Note that TeamGram looks for exact matches by default. If you are looking for variant words, use the wildcard character: (asterisk)

See other search functions in the table below, with some examples.

Search functions

CharacterSearch TermDescription
    *Team* or *GramThe asterisk character (*) is used to indicate multiple characters in a search string. Add * anywhere in your search keyword to find results containing your keywords.
In this example, if you search for Team* , TeamGram, Team meeting, Basketball Team , will be listed as results.
   ” “ “Team Meeting”” ” is used to find results exactly matching your search terms.  
In this example, TeamGram will only find the activities, notes and other records that exactly matches “Team Meeting”.
  ANDHotel AND ParisUse AND to find records containing all the keywords you are searching.
In this example, Continental Hotel Paris will be listed as a search result, but Continental Hotel London won’t be listed.
  ORParis OR LondonUse OR to find records containing at least one of the keywords you are searching.
In this example, both Continental Hotel Paris and Contintental Hotel London will be listed as results along with all other records containing London or Paris.
  *OR       ANDParis OR London AND Hotel*You can combine and use all the characters together to search TeamGram in detail.  
In this example, all the hotels containing Paris or London will be found: Continental Hotel Paris, Great Plains Hotel London, Genesis Hotels London

How to use asterisk

The asterisk character (*) is the most commonly used search character and it is used to indicate multiple characters in a search string.

If you have a hard time the exact name of a record, just use asterisk to list all the records containing your term.

Searching for spring* will find anything that contains a word starting with “spring”: Springsteen, springs, etc.

Searching for *spring will find anything that contains a word ending with “spring”: Bluespring, steelspring, etc.

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