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Custom apps allow you to expand TeamGram’s functionality beyond lead and deal management, into diverse areas like vacation requests, searchable knowledge bases, customer support, expense reporting, and more. Almost any form based process can be implemented in TeamGram using custom apps. Talk to your administrator to implement your internal forms as TeamGram custom apps.

In addition to the standard TeamGram features that help you manage your leads and deals, your system administrator may add custom features into TeamGram. These are called custom apps and are listed in the left navigation bar, right after the standard section tabs.

The fields in a custom app will vary depending on the settings determined by your system administrator, but the user interface is similar to the rest of TeamGram.

Working with Custom Apps

If your administrator has authorized you to access a custom app, you will see its name listed on the left navigation bar, between Tags and Applications section tabs. Click on the name of a custom app to use it.

When you enter a custom app, you will see a list of records stored in it.

Adding Data To a Custom App

You add data to your custom app by creating new documents.

To add a new document to an app, simply click on the app name in the left menu, click New Document, fill in the form, and save.

Forms With Photos and File Attachments

Your form may include fields where you can upload images or other files. Images will be displayed inside the form while viewing it. Otherwise, they will be displayed as links.

Listing and Filtering Custom App Documents

You can use the standard TeamGram reporting features on custom apps as well.  Depending on the way your custom app is set up, some reporting features may not be available. Learn more.

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