Use Tags and Hashtags


Tags and hashtags are very powerful yet simple tools to organize, segment and search for similar data.

Need a way to label similar items so that you can find them easily when you need them? Consider using tags and hashtags.


Use tags to quickly label records. To reduce typing errors, TeamGram automatically learns the tags used in your company and lets you select from a list when you need to reuse a tag.

Adding Tags to a Record

You can add multiple tags to a record and instantly access all records with a specific tag.

  • To tag a record, start editing it and go to the tags field towards the end of the form, usually under the other information section.
  • Click on the tag list link to list all tags that were used in the past. This list shows all tags used by all of your users, so you can use the same tag names throughout the company. To add a tag to your record, click on it from the list. Repeat to add multiple tags.
  • If you don’t see the tags you want to use for this record, you can easily create a new tag by typing it into the tag entry box. When you finish entering the tag name, type a comma sign. You can add as many tags as you want by separating them with commas.
  • To remove a tag from the list, click on the x sign to its right.
Viewing Tags of a Record

Tags are prominently displayed while viewing a record. Clicking on a tag on a record will instantly list all items bearing the same tag.

Viewing All Tags

Click on the tags tab on the left navigation bar to see a full list of the tags used in your company. Click on any tag to view all items with that tag.

Logical Operations in Tag Searches

You can add logical operators (and/or) to your tag searches.

Click on the tags tab on the left navigation bar to see a full list of tags. Select the tags you are interested in. Specify if you are looking for results that have any of these tags, or all of these tags. Press the search button.

Renaming and Merging Tags (Admins only)

If you notice that a tag name in the tags section needs to change, simply point to that tag with your mouse, but don’t click on it. A small pencil icon will appear to its right. Click on it and enter the new name for your tag. All records with that tag will automatically be updated with the new tag name.

Sometimes you may also notice that new tags are created by mistake, when tag names are mis-typed by users. To correct these, simply edit the mistyped tag name and enter the correct tag’s name instead.

Deleting Tags (Admins only)

To delete a tag from all records bearing it, click on the tags tab on the left navigation bar to see a full list of tags. Hover your mouse pointer above the tag name you want to remove from records. Press the waste-basket symbol that appears to its right. Confirm.

Deleting All records with a Tag (Admins only)

To delete all records that have a certain tag, proceed as above, but also check the “Delete all records connected to the tag” option. Confirm.

CAUTION: This may cause a mass delete and deleted items will not be recoverable.


Hashtags are similar to tags, but work on TeamGram notes instead of other records. You can enter hashtags anywhere in your note text.

Any text string of letters and number that begins with the # sign can be a hashtag. A hashtag may not contain spaces or special characters.

If your team is adding the #followupcall hashtag to their notes about customer follow-up calls, clicking on the #followupcall hashtag anywhere will instantly list all follow-up calls.

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