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Automatically Generate Leads from Incoming Emails

This feature requires a Plus subscription plan or higher.

If you have some role-based email accounts (eg, sales@yourcompany.com) where you are getting new email inquiries, you may want to connect those mailboxes to TeamGram to automatically create leads.

You may also want to publish different emails on different marketing channels, associate each email address with a different source name, and measure the effectiveness of each channel independently.

This is done by creating lead mailboxes. To create a lead mailbox:

  • Go to Control panel > Lead settings > Mailbox.
  • Click on create New mailbox.
  • Name your mailbox. The name can be anything consisting of letters and numbers (no spaces or special characters). Try to make it descriptive. It is good practice to use a name that indicates the mailbox that will be forwarded here, or the channel it will be advertised on. If you will be forwarding emails from sales@yourcompany.com to this mailbox, “sales” is a good name.
  • Select a source. Leads from this channel will be associated with the source you select here. If you need to create a new source, do that first.
  • Finally, select the user who will be the owner of the leads generated through this channel. That user’s default sharing settings will be automatically applied to new leads.
  • Save.

Now find the newly created mailbox on the page. Set your role account to automatically forward emails to this address. If you are using Gmail, autoforward settings may take up to 24 hours to take effect, as they may require a manual approval process.

How TeamGram Parses Emails to Create Leads

  • Email sender’s name > Lead name
  • Sender’s email address > Lead email
  • Message body > Lead description
  • Source selected for this mailbox > Lead source
  • Owner selected for this mailbox > Lead owner


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