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Concurrent Logins and Data Safety

You can help us protect your valuable data by making sure that each of your users has their own account.

Advanced session control

To help you prevent password sharing between your users, TeamGram applies one (1) active session policy per user. This means that the same user account cannot be used in more than one browser at a time.

Why is this important?

With the new enhanced session control, if another user logs on to TeamGram with the same information while a session is open, you will be automatically logged out and redirected to a page explaining that your credentials are being used by someone else. If this happens to you or one of your users, make sure that the password for the affected account is changed immediately.

Password sharing is a violation of TeamGram’s terms of service and a security risk for your business. When you allow each user to log in to TeamGram with their personal accounts, you get significant benefits:

  • Accurate observation of user activities
  • No problems when an employee leaves
  • Better access control
  • Better internal communication
  • Easier detection of unauthorized access.

How does it affect your company?

If all your users sign in to TeamGram with their personal account, you don’t need to take any action. Thank you for keeping us safe.

If some users in your company share the same user information and password, there is an impact that could result in data loss! When a session is started at the same time with the same user information, previously open sessions are automatically terminated. Data entered in the forms during the first session and not yet saved is lost.

What can you do?

Make sure your TeamGram users do not share their user accounts. If you need more accounts for your users, you can add them from the control panel.

If you have a limited number of users, please contact our sales team.

Using TeamGram on multiple windows and tabs

Do not worry. You can use TeamGram on multiple tabs and windows of the same browser session on the same computer.

Using TeamGram with multiple users

Your company account can have as many users as you need. Just make sure that they all have a personal username and password. Go to the control panel to manage your users.

Sign in from mobile phone

Logging in from the TeamGram app on your iOS or Android mobile device does not end your web session. You can continue to use TeamGram from web browsers and mobile applications at the same time.

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