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Review and Update Your Company Settings

These settings determine TeamGram’s behavior for all users of your company throughout the app.

To view your current settings go to Control Panel > My Company. To make changes, click  Edit. You can make changes to all settings except for the company short name.

Here is a brief description of each option on this page:

Company Name

This is the name of your company as you want it to appear to customers in documents like quotes and order forms. Entering the full legal or trade name is recommended.

User Interface Language

This is the default language for your users unless they change their settings to another language. New user invitations are always sent in this language.


This setting changes various locale-specific settings, including time and number formats.

Time Zone

TeamGram’s web interface displays all times in this time zone when a user’s timezone can’t be automatically determined.

12-Hour Time

When checked, times are displayed in 12-hour format with am/pm at the end.

Phone Number and Address

Enter the main address and phone number your business can be reached at. These may appear on quotes and order forms.

Default Currency

TeamGram will use the default currency for all monetary values including deal values and prices. Reports will consolidate results in this currency when values with different currencies are used together.


This field determines the default pricing method for quotes and orders:

  • Tax not applicable: TeamGram ignores sales taxes and does not calculate or display them.
  • Incl. Tax: Sales taxes are included in the unit prices of your products. TeamGram will calculate net prices by subtracting the tax amount.
  • Excl. Tax: Sales taxes are not included in the unit prices of your products. No calculation is needed to find net prices.

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