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Create Your Company’s TeamGram Space

Creating a company’s TeamGram space (domain) is a simple process, but it must be done by an authorized person within that company.

When you create your company’s space, you automatically become the system administrator for that company, which means you can invite other coworkers, and make changes to the way TeamGram works.

Once you create your company’s TeamGram space, you can designate other users as additional system administrators, if you want to share your administrative duties.

Signing up for a trial account

When you create your company’s TeamGram space, it is automatically enrolled into a trial plan which allows you to use almost every feature with very few restrictions. You can invite all of your coworkers and fully test TeamGram to see how it helps your business.

To start the signup process, go to the TeamGram Homepage, enter your work email in the signup box, and submit. You will get a verification email. Click on the link in that email, and continue the signup process.

Did you enter your work email?

When you send quotes to customers, TeamGram uses your work email as the return address. Signup with an email address where your customers can reach you.

For a more professional impression, avoid using personal email addresses.

Selecting a username and password

When you click on the verification link in the email, you will be taken to the signup form. Enter your name, choose a username and a password. Click on the button to move to the next page.

Entering basic information about your company

Enter your company name and phone number. Be sure to enter the exact legal name of your company.

Important: Enter the legal name of your company

If you ever forget your password and lose access to your email at the same time, we can help you recover your data only if we can verify that you are a legally authorized person for the company named during account setup.

If you are a startup and have not setup your company yet, enter the name you intend to use. If your company name changes later, be sure to update this information in the control panel as soon as possible.

Important: Enter a phone number where you can be reached

Please enter a phone number where we can reach you during business hours in your time zone. For security reasons, we reserve the right to suspend trial accounts with unreachable phone numbers.

You will also be asked to select a short name for your company. This can be any text string consisting of letters and numbers, as long as it is not already in use by another company. Do not use blanks or special characters. It is good practice to use the main part of your internet domain name, if it is available. The company short name will be displayed on your screen, under your username. You may be asked to provide it when talking with a support specialist from TeamGram.

Adding Team Members

The best way to use TeamGram is with a team. You can invite up to two coworkers during signup. You can add the rest of your team after the signup process is complete.

Remember to use work emails, not personal emails. Your coworkers will receive email invitations and will have access to your TeamGram space once they complete the signup process.

Identifying The Initial Feature Set

TeamGram has many features, but you may not need all of them. To help you start with a relevant set of features, you may be asked a few simple questions. These will seek answers to the following questions:

  • Do you want to use TeamGram to qualify leads? New prospects are not always worth your time. Many businesses qualify new leads with a few simple questions to see if they have enough potential to justify committing sales resources. TeamGram can help you streamline that process.
  • Do you want to use TeamGram to produce written quotes? Many sales organizations send written quotes (proposals) to customers. TeamGram can help you produce them quickly with custom templates and automatic pricing calculations.
  • Do you want to use TeamGram to manage customer orders? Unless you exclusively sell contract based services (consultancy, etc), you probably receive orders. You can use TeamGram to keep track of the orders you receive from customers.
  • Do you want to use TeamGram to manage supplier orders? Similar to customer orders, this feature allows you to manage the orders you place with your suppliers.

Once all questions are answered, you will be taken to your company’s dashboard page.

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