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Determine How Users Share Information Internally

Advanced Access Control features described in this article require Plus subscription plans or higher.

As a system administrator, you can determine what kinds of information can be shared by each department and who may access it.

  • Unless you specifically restrict, your users can set who may read and who may edit the records they create.
  • You can enter default access rights for each type of record created by members of each document, so that they don’t have to enter those settings every time. Remember that they can change these settings, unless you specifically prevent them from doing so.

Setting the Default Sharing Settings for Members of a Department

  • Go to Control panel > Department access controls.
  • Select a department.
  • Select the type of record to be shared by this department.
  • Set the default readers and editors for this type of record when a user in this department creates it. Prefer to grant default rights by department, and not by user, unless there is a good reason to do it differently.
  • Repeat for other departments and record types as needed.
  • Save

Preventing Members of a Department from Changing the Default Access Rights for the Records They Create

Proceed as above, and enable the Cannot change the sharing settings option for each section where you want to restrict access rights changes.

Preventing Users From Creating Records of Certain Types

You may want users in certain departments to be able to view certain types of documents but not to be able to create new ones.

For example, users in the shipping department must be able to view orders, so they can fulfill them. However, they should not be able to create new orders themselves.

To prevent members of a department from creating new records:

  • Go to Control panel > Department access controls.
  • Select a department
  • Select the type of record you do not want this department to be able to create.
  • Set Cannot create new records¬†switch to on. Repeat for other record types as needed.
  • Save.


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