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Publish a Lead Form in Your Website

This feature requires a Plus subscription plan or higher.

Web forms are a good and efficient source of new leads. When a potential customer visits your website, they may show an interest in getting more information about your offerings, or request a quote.

You can publish custom lead forms in your website and transfer lead data directly into TeamGram. You can also publish multiple web forms on different websites, and assign different source names to each, so you can measure the effectiveness of each website separately.

Can you add HTML code to your site?

Publishing a web form in your website will require you to paste some HTML code into the page where you want to display your form. If you don’t know how to do that, seek help from your website developer.

The HTML code will also include Google reCaptcha, a popular security mechanism that protects your lead form against bot attacks. This service is provided by Google. It is free, but you need to register for it and get your keys.

To create a web form: Go to Control panel  > Lead settings > Web form.

Click Create new web form and make sure to fill out all fields explained below to set up your web form.

  • Name:  A descriptive name for your web form to remember and be able to distinguish from other web forms.
  • Source: Pick the source name to be associated with leads created with this form. If you need a new source name, define it first.
  • The internet domain name for this web form: Please enter the domain address where this form will be published. Only the root domain will be enough (e.g. yourcompany.com)
  • URL of the success page: Please enter the address of the page that will be displayed after users successfully submit the form. This page must be on the same website where the form is published.
  • Owner of the generated leads: Select who will be the owner of the leads generated using this form. Every record must have its own owner. The default security settings of the owner user will be applied to submitted records.
  • Google reCAPTCHA Site/Secret key:  Paste your Google reCaptcha keys here.

Click on Continue when you fill out all fields. Copy and paste the code into the related page on your website.


When you add new fields or make other changes to your web form, the web form code will be updated. Make sure to copy/paste the new code into the related page on your website.

Whenever someone successfully submits this form in your website, a new lead will be created in TeamGram. You can process it just like any other lead entered manually.

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