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Notes, Comments, Likes, and the News Feed


Notes are messages attached to other CRM records. They are a convenient way to record insights and customer interactions like phone calls and meetings. Comments are simple text messages about notes. The news feed displays the latest notes and comments from your team. It is a great tool to follow and engage with other team members.

TeamGram stores information in different types of structured forms called records. These include things like leads, deals, contacts, companies, quotes, customer orders, products and more. You can even create completely new record types using TeamGram’s custom apps feature. Each of these record types is explained in greater detail in other parts of this site.

You can also store unstructured information in notes and comments, and attach them to these records. Let’s see what they are and how you can use them:


Notes contain information (text and files) you share internally with your team members. As with records, you can determine which of your team members will have access to your notes.

It is possible to share notes as stand-alone items, but the better way to do it is to link them to related records, so they are listed under those items, as well as in the news feed.

For example, if you had a meeting with potential client about an important deal, you may want to share a note about that meeting with your coworkers. Linking this note to the company you had the meeting with, the contacts that were present in the meeting, and the deal that was discussed is a good idea. A coworker who sees this note in the news feed can click on one of those links, and access more detailed information stored in the linked record.


Comments are great to get feedback and advice from your team members. Anyone can write a comment under any note he or she is allowed to read.

Unlike notes, comments don’t have their own access permission settings or links to related records. They are always listed under the note they are related to.


Liking a note or comment is an easy way to show your appreciation or approval of a team member’s contribution.

Some teams also use likes as a quick way to indicate acknowledgement, without a negative or positive meaning. Liking a note or comment lets others know that you have read it.

The News Feed

The news feed page shows all notes and comments starting with the newest updated note. It only includes the items each user is allowed to view, so your news feed may look different from another team member’s.

To make it easier to show what has changed while you were away, TeamGram shows an orange colored marker next to notes that were posted in the last 24 hours. These markers are brightest when the notes are new, and fade away as time passes.

If notes include attached images and videos, thumbnails of these are displayed with the note. Other attachment types, as well as related records are displayed as links. You can click on these to open them.

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