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Use TeamGram on Mobile Devices


TeamGram has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Almost every feature (except for certain system administration features) mentioned in this help site will work on TeamGram’s mobile apps as well.

The layout and functionality is similar across all platforms:

TeamGram’s web app also works on mobile browsers, so if you find a feature you need is not supported in the mobile app, you can simply use your mobile browser to go to https://www.teamgram.com and login.

In most cases, using the mobile app will help you enjoy more features while away from your desk. Here are some features only available on our mobile apps:

Push Notifications

Get mobile notification messages for reminders and important updates from your coworkers. Touching the notification message will take you directly to the relevant TeamGram record.


Use the built-in cameras of your mobile device to add photos and videos to your notes and other TeamGram documents. You can also annotate your photos before uploading them.

Location Sharing and Directions

Easily add your GPS location to field notes and forms that support location information. Coworkers reading that document will be able to see where it was written from.

You can also click on any stored geographical coordinates and street addresses to open that location in your phone’s navigation app, and get directions to get there.

Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes to enter product codes (SKUs) into quotes and orders, or serial numbers into custom forms. To activate the scanner, simply touch the scan code link next to fields that accept barcodes and point the camera at the barcode you want to scan.

A wide variety of formats including QR codes and UPC barcodes are recognized.

Business Card Scanner (Beta)

To create new leads and contacts, snap a picture of a business card. TeamGram will convert the information in the picture to text, and ask you to select the proper fields, so you can create records without having to type everything in.

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