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Add New Features with Custom Apps

You can extend the functionality of TeamGram by adding new record types.

Just like built-in records (contacts, companies, products, leads, deals…), these custom records can be easily linked to other information you have in TeamGram, helping you quickly deploy powerful business applications in minutes.

Step 1: Basic Settings of a Custom App

Start building your app with a few basic steps. To create an app, follow these instructions:

  • Select Applications from the left menu.
  • Select one of the application templates or a blank template to start from scratch (This page describes the procedure using the blank template).
  • Specify an application name. This is usually the name of the form you use for this purpose (Vacation Request, Inspection Report, etc.)
  • Select an icon.
  • Select if you want new documents and updates to be published in the news feed.
  • If your form requires approval by someone other than the person who filled it, check Requires approval. Otherwise, leave it unchecked (A vacation request probably requires a manager’s approval. An inspection report probably does not).
  • In the target users field, specify which departments or users will see this app on the left navigation bar.
  • Select the default editors and readers.
  • Click Continue.

You are now ready to move on to adding the fields of your form.

Step 2: Building Your Form

In Step 2 of the app creation process, you will be asked to add the fields of the app.

This is done with the Add new field link. Use this link as many times as needed to create all fields of your app. Use the up/down arrows to change the order of your fields.

To learn more about adding fields, check out the article on adding custom fields.


Your users can now start using your app. They will find its tab and icon on the left navigation bar.

Custom apps also work on TeamGram’s mobile apps.

Publishing a Web Form to Get Data From Your Website

You can publish a web form that sends data to your custom app when submitted. To learn how, read this article.


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